Bodan Kuma

Horses Heaven

Horses Heaven. Bijou and Analise. The Band. A couple.

After a few attempts of having our bio written for us & no one really hitting our (very) specific mark, finally the last to try my dear friend Leon DB said "maybe you should write something".......well honey, there's an idea!

We both have our moments, Bijou's are at the piano or in the studio & mine are on stage. Although I enjoy the behind the scenes, its really his spotlight, his comfort zone, his honest place of expression. And he will never deny a moment to shine on stage, but that is where I find my inner self comes out to play & share. To quote the great philosopher Ne-Yo, we're "a movement by ourself, but a force when we're together." The poet and the performer. We need each other, Horses Heaven is two sided & one love all at the same time.

Our musical back grounds different & formative alike that ultimately brought us to our present place do not define us, at least not all the time. This is just what we enjoy, music that makes you and us feel something, anything. So without further ado- I give you Horses Heaven- who really reads these things anymore anyway?

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