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Kat Meoz's New Album - Here I Wait - Available Now!

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Stream + Download - Here I Wait

Kat Meoz's highly anticipated EP, Here I Wait, is now available on all DSPs. 

The EP has been garnering heavy airplay by the legendary Rodney Bingenheimeron his nationally syndicated show The Underground Garage on SiriusXM and features the singles, "Here I Wait" and "Conquest".

The video for "Here I Wait" premiered last week via PopMatters who praised the song for its "noisy, angry slab of guitar-driven rock that summons comparisons to PJ Harvey in her earliest, nastiest era". 

Kat will celebrate the release of her EP with a free show on February 12th at the Satellite in Los Angeles. The show will be supported by FuriosaLivingmore, & Checkerneck + Surprise Guests. More details can be found here


PopMatters debuts KAT MEOZ's Richard Brautigan inspired video for "Here I Wait", directed by Kansas Bowling

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LA garage rocker Kat Meoz (f.k.a. GRIT) is prepping her new EP, Here I Wait, and PopMatters has the premiere of the video for the title track, directed by frequent collaborator Kansas Bowling. 

The video, inspired by San Francisco-based writer Richard Brautigan (Trout Fishing in America, The Abortion: An Historical Romance 1966), finds Kat searching for an important artifact in the late author's legacy. You can watch the video exclusively on PopMatters here.

As Kat describes it: "Originally I was supposed to play the role of the ingénue searching for Willard, retracing Brautigan's real life hangouts, as well as the locations where his book covers were photographed. However, since Kansas has read every book and poem by the author, it made more sense to me that Kansas play herself and I play the many Brautigan babes who graced the covers."

Actor James Kirkland, whose resemblance to Brautigan is strikingly uncanny, agreed to star in the Nor Cal adventure. We read Brautigan novels aloud in the car, and listened to rare recordings of the author and his friends reciting his poetry. My favorite, “Love Poem", made it into the end of the video, read aloud by Brautigan himself."

Kat's forthcoming release, Here I Wait, will be out on 1/26 and is available for pre-order now. 

WATCH: Kat Meoz's Holiday Hit, "Christmas In Hollywood", Video featuring KROQ's Rodney Bingenheimer

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LA garage rocker Kat Meoz (f.k.a. GRIT) is debuting a video for the song "Christmas In Hollywood," off Rodney Bingenheimer's “Santa’s Got a GTO, Vol. 2” holiday compilation (the first volume released in 20 years!).

Stream the video (which features a cameo from the legendary Bingenheimer himself) exclusively on Buzzbands here. 

Kat tells Buzzbands“I was driving back from Vegas with my friend and director, Kansas Bowling, and she got a call from Rodney, telling her that he was short one song for his Christmas compilation. … The day before, Rodney had played my song ‘LA Don’t Love You’ on his show, so I felt confident interrupting their phone call to announce that I would like a chance to write an original for the compilation. He said it would have to be done, fully mastered, in a week’s time to be considered for the vinyl release. I asked him what specifically he would want the Christmas song to be about and he said something about Hollywood.

“Two days later, I was at Seahorse Sounds Studio recording a Christmas song I had written with some of my closest music friends. Eric Weaver (Iggy Azalea, Camila) and Kyle Biane (Pacific Radio) produced the song, and Eliot Lorango and Salvatore Joseph played bass and drums respectively. My friend Emery Becker came to the studio to film behind the scenes, and I told him that I just kept seeing myself as a giant Christmas tree eating alone in a diner or playing at the beach with some girls. The finished song was approved, and I approached Kansas to help me make a video. I told her my idea and she loved it, taking it one step further, saying that I should be stalking Rodney as the Christmas tree. Rodney was on board to be in the video, offering his bad-ass GTO for production value.”

You can pick up your copy of Rodney's compilation, Santa's Got A GTO Vol. 2 on limited edition vinyl courtesy of GEARHEAD.

Kat will be playing the record release party tomorrow night in Hollywood at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery at the WACKO Soap Plant, as well as headlining her own show on 12/14 at the Hi-Hat in Los Angeles with Jenny Vee.  



WATCH: Kat Meoz "L.A. Don't Love You" Premiere via Troma Entertainment

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The legendary (and infamous) Troma Entertainment has premiered the newest video for Kat Meoz's single "L.A. Don't Love You".

Shot by acclaimed director Kansas Bowling (Troma's B.C. Butcher) and featuring Troma's own Lloyd Kaufman, the video pays homage to Kenneth Anger's infamous novel Hollywood Babylon, showcasing the darkness and exploits of the glamour "Old Hollywood." The song itself is a blistering anthem of self doubt in the City of Angels, which is a fitting soundtrack to the gritty, frenetic video. 

Kat Meoz's latest release, L.A. Don't Love You is out now.