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Detroit Rebellion Announce Sophomore Album, See You Next Year, out August 24

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“Detroit Rebellion are not from the Motor City but they do kinda sound like the could be. Their sound is less Jack White however and maybe more early Beck.” – BrooklynVegan

Providence, Rhode Island duo Detroit Rebellion has announced their sophomore album, See You Next Year, will arrive August 24 on Bodan Kuma, sharing a lyric video for the track “Wrong Number”.

The follow up to their 2017 debut album, The Man, See You Next Year continues to find singer/songwriter/guitarist Jeff Toste exploring a world of gritty blues and garage rock with drummer Micaiah Castro.  Taking their name from the violent upheaval that shook Detroit in the summer of 1967, Toste felt it an appropriate label for a genre of music created to simultaneously sooth the soul, as well as wrestle with the problems that troubles it.

See You Next Year takes the energy and the attitude up a notch, immediately obvious on lead track, “Wrong Number”, which is driven by frantic vocals and spirited drum work, delivered like a jab in the face.  Spurts of post-punk energy, timely touches of reverb, and bursts of anger and indignation mark tunes like the three-minute blast “Black.” While See You Next Year is more raw and aggressive than its predecessor, it never strays too far from moody, thinking-man’s blues, with its hints of jazz and haunting guitar. It is a record for which the right energy outweighed precise lyrical clarity, harkening back to traditional blues in spirit, if not necessarily in structure.


See You Next Year track listing:

01.  Wrong Number
02.  Troubadour
03.  You’re Going South Tonight
04.  Black
05.  When The Finger Points At You
06.  See You Next Year
07.  Snake Eyes
08.  Storyteller
09.  The Bug Jar
10.  Spit Fire
11.  Put On A Show
12.  Graveyard Blues